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Do I have to clean my pavers before sealing them?

Yes, Because the sealants penetrate the surface it needs to be clean of an dirt, oil, or debris that may have acuminated.  The last thing you want is to seal all that dirt on to your pavers or stones.  Your surface will determine the type of cleaning your pavers need prior to sealing.

How do my pavers get cleaned?

Depending on the condition of the paver surface specific cleaning agents may need to be used along with pressure washing.  This may include overall application or just spot treatments.  After the appropriate cleaning agents are used, a 4000 psi pressure washer is used to remove and existing dirt, staining, or foreign objects. (gum, stickers, adhesive)

How are my pavers sealed?

There are many different companies providing different sealant  product lines, and there are different application processes for them.  There are water based and acrylic based sealants, tinted and clear, high gloss, satin and no sheen.  Depending on the finish you would like your pavers to have will determine the exact process.  Some sealants are designed to be applied when the pavers are still damp, as others must be completely dry.  It is a common rule of thumb to remain off the area sealed for 1 - 2 hours for walking on and 24 hours for driving on regardless of  product selected.

What is polymeric jointing sand?

Polymeric jointing sand is a mix of calibrated sand and a binding polymers, which is designed for filling the joints between paver or natural stones.  Unlike standard sand it is formulated to harden and become firm upon the application of water.  It is available is a choice of colors to complement your pavers or stones.

If I have regular sand can I use polymeric sand?

Yes, however all of the existing sand must be removed using  a commercial pressure washer.  The patio, driveway, or walkway then must dry completely before installing the new polymeric jointing sand.  

Why should I seal my pavers?

Sealing brick pavers is your line of defense for keeping your pavers like new.  The sealant protects your pavers from dirt, oil, and anything else that may penetrate the surface.  It also protects the paver from sun fading which causes that washed out appearance.