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While clean and sealed brick pavers enhance the beauty of your home, sometimes things happen.  Settling of small areas can occur from improperly compacted sub-base or unseen subterranean elements.  Brick pavers can separate or spread from  unsecured or inadequate edging, improperly laid brick patterns, or from using the wrong type of jointing sand.  Yes, there are different types of sand.   Pressure cleaning can also cause some problems, if the joint sand is washed away and then not properly re sanded. This is why a professional cleaning company should be used.    

Brick pavers can also become damaged and broken over time as well. Let us not forget the snow plows and de-icing salts we use each winter. PaveBrite can perform repairs to any damaged areas and return the overall landscape design to its original element; almost no one will notice if a handful of brick pavers have been replaced over time.    

These are just a few of the minor repairs that may need to be done to keep your patio, driveway, or walkways in tip-top shape. Our technicians will be able to correct any issues to help prevent damage from reoccurring.  Most of the problems encountered are a typically quick fix. When a problem is confined to one section, it can be solved without disrupting any of the surrounding vicinity. Unless there are broken brick pavers, most of the time all or most of the original pavers can be reused.

Repair of retaining wall.

Repairing of Sunken paver area.

“ I was worried about my patio never being the same, but after they fixed the sink spot I couldn’t even tell where it was, Great Job!…”

- Sandra B.

“My husband and I were very impressed at the time the men spent and extra  care they took  in repairing our driveway  …”

- Mrs. R

We make sure to take extra care in removal of pavers as to not damage surrounding landscaping areas or your existing pavers.